The meaning of smart is efficient, futuristic and easy use. What we mean with this is that for instance a smart device that can sensor the water in your garden so you know when and what plants you need to give water in your garden. This is water efficient and so costs less water at the end of a year, this is also easy to use because you can see all the statistics of your garden on your phone and very futuristic because of it. We are going to talk about all the applications of LoRa and how we can make thinks “smart” you can use LoRa in a company to make it more efficient and safer, this is a good example of what a smart business is. the meaning of LoRa, LoRa devices, the uses of LoRa and some future concepts for a LoRa Network.

A smart business is just a more efficient fast and cheaper business than a normal business. This is because these businesses use device like LoRa to make their company more efficient. An example of this is the use or LoRa on products of end users, the idea behind this is a GPS to track and know where all the products are and when they arrive at their destination. This is a good idea because the know where there products are if they get stolen of a transport buss, also all the data of the delivered products can be used to make the company better in for instance a region where they can see that the products get delivered les efficient than in other regions. This is also good for the end user because they can see exactly where their product is and the product gets delivered faster because of the changes they perhaps made because of the date of previous packages to that house. This is just one of the concepts we ae going to talk about. But we are not only going to talk about concepts and how to make smart city but also about how to break these smart devices or what can you hack in a smart environment.


LoRa is an abbreviation of Long-range. What they mean by this name is that the LoRa network has big networking range. This Workshop will be about LoRa, the meaning of LoRa, LoRa devices, the uses of LoRa and some future concepts for a LoRa Network. We have Arduino boards with some sensors and we will explain what we can use the sensors for and future concepts of the LoRa network at a big scale. We don’t have LoRa hacks at Brightlands because of the lack of time we had but we have the information to make one and for future concepts. We will also explain what the students of next schoolyear will do to make a working network and the hacking of it.

We have an ultrasonic sensor on a Arduino board and a water height sensor to show concepts and the future of LoRa and Leeuwenborgh. An ultrasonic sensor is an instrument that measures the distance to an object using ultrasonic sound waves. This device can also be send data to other objects like a planes of drones to let the object know when it fly’s to close to the Sensor or a building. The sensor sends a sonic wave to the water what reflects back to the device to see how high the water is. This is based on a the point that was calculated as their base number.

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